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Steam Cleaning - Useful Information

Steam - the colorless gas produced when water is heated to high temperatures - has been used through the ages for various purposes. It has been used to for medical purposes (sterilization, to clear stopped nasal and bronchial passages), to power engines, to cook food, to clean heavy machinery, and to clean the delicate facial skin, as well. Since the late sixties, this versatile vapor, with its ability to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize, has gained popularity as an effective general industrial and household cleaner.

Steam Cleaning Process

Steam is also popular when it comes to area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning. Reputable business and residential cleaning services, such as Carpet Cleaning Sacramento, use truck mounted steam cleaning equipment to provide eco-friendly, state-of-the-art results.

Technicians move through the location being cleaned carrying a cleaning wand, which is attached to the truck mounted unit parked in your driveway or at the curb. The cleaning wand jets highly pressurized steam onto the surface being cleaned. The jets of steam loosen embedded dirt and grime, remove carpet stains and also deal with pet odors. Simultaneously, super-strength extractors remove all the debris - and all the moisture - leaving behind a clean, fresh smelling surface.

Misconceptions about Steam Cleaning

Those unacquainted with the principles of steam cleaning (extraction) might be leery of a process that introduces steam onto carpet fibers or upholstery fabric - after all, one of the basic principles of carpet and fabric care is to avoid getting these materials too wet, and steam, which is born of water, returns to that state when it cools down. Poorly dried carpets and fabrics are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. That's why it's important to take great care when choosing steam cleaning equipment or when hiring a company to provide this service for you.

Carpet Cleaning Sacramento keeps all of its equipment in top condition, and trains its technicians in the proper use. They are meticulous when it comes to cleaning, and take every precaution when it comes to drying your carpets and upholstery thoroughly

Call Carpet Cleaning Sacramento today and order steam cleaning for your home or business. Ask about how you can save time and money by ordering additional cleaning services.

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